In The Same World...

              In The Same World...

A published editorial writer today...yay!!!
Aman Hussain..Congratualtions for this.
Best of luck for so many more yet to come.


Does it really pay to be good to others?
When we selflessly help people around us, do we really get something...In The Same World...?

Between the covers is a small and simple story of a lonely and cynical guy, Roshan, and a cheerful and helpful girl, Naina. A guy who falls in love for the very first time, only to find that the simple girl shook all that he believed in...or actually never believed in.

By two friends.

Get your copy at:

Lastly..every good deed of yours..results into an echo which spreads everywhere. So guys...keep doing good in this world.

Lipi Gupta

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