Shades of me...

Sometimes I feel,
I don't live in my body.
I am just an audience...
Looking at me,
From a distance far away...
All night- All day.

I see the smile,
I see it while..
It rests on the face,
Traveling to the eye base.
Lighting up the eyes,
Till the tear dries.
The shy blush
As the blood rush...
on a cheeky compliment...
Or a true praise.

The innocence of the feeling,
Speck of emotion reeling-
Determination in the eyes,
Freedom and ties.
Brave and bold,
Sometimes ice cold,
Weighed down by anchor,
pure hatred...innocent anger,
feelings directed,
confusions subjected.

Looking at me
Like I don't live in my body.
Watching from a distance far away.
All night- All day.

I see all those shades.
One comes as other fades.
Shades of laughter, shades of pain.
Pride sometimes- sometimes vain.
Funny, angry, happy, bravery-
All...Just some shades of me.

     We have lots of moods...lots of feelings..lots of chapters in our lives- Lots of shades. Grab on to your originality. Grab on to your shades.

Lipi Gupta

Copyright: Lipi Gupta, 11/20/2017 5:30 PM IST
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