Happy Birthday...


         There comes an age after which people start dreading the addition of the candle on their birthday cake. And heaven forbid if you haven't met the Societal-Age-Number-Deadlines that have been created.

                                         22 Candles.....Graduation
                                         24 Candles.....Post Graduation
                                         25 Candles......Job Secured
                                         26 Candles.....Promotion and/or Marriage

      People keep working on their deadlines and generally before you hit 27 candles(or 28 sometimes) the 'aarti ka deepak' on your wedding ceremonies is lit.

       If not, then boss, you are in for big.

      What we, sometimes, forget between adding candles is that the number of candles on your cake is just that- a number. What is more interesting is the thing below the candles. The Cake. The sweetness of life. The life itself.

     So take a minute, before stamping those age numbers onto the life, to dream what actually can be the year ahead. Stop dreading for what you could or couldn't do. Instead-

    Light magic candles and blow them (well keep on trying anyway), dance and fall down, laugh till your belly aches, redo what you regret not doing (oh yes you have them), take lots of selfies and fill that memory lane with new memories....plant less candles on your cake but more flavors to it....fill life in each day....

            Because guys (true what #SRK said "Kal Ho Naa Ho", but) I say "Agar Aaj Hai.....to Aaj Hi Sabse Achchha Hai".

Lipi Gupta

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